Quintessential Tools in Modern Dentistry

If there is any subspecialty within the field of medicine that has one of the longest histories, it is the field of dentistry. This field has gone through a lot of changes and developments over the years to become the modern field it is today. A few years back, people feared the field of dentistry and not so many people were willing to train in it. However, a few courageous people like Edgar Radjabli didn’t shy from joining and they have been able to make a lot of changes to modernize and revolutionize the dental practice.

Before the dental practice was modernized, the treatments that dentists used were painful and a visit to a dentist was always dreaded by many. The equipment that was used back in those days were mechanical and often frightening. However, thanks to technological improvements, equipment and tools used have improved a lot and patients only feel minor pain and discomfort during major dental procedures. Even dental offices have improved a lot to make them welcoming and pleasant. Let us examine some of the dental technologies that have contributed to making dental visits more comfortable.

Mouth mirror

A mouth mirror has been found to be one of the most important tools or pieces of equipment that a dentist needs to do their job well in a dental facility. Mouth mirrors are used to help dentists to have a better look of the inside of the mouth. With the mirror, a dentist is able to detect the small cavities, plaques, and oral ulcers that may otherwise not be visible without the mirror.

Sickle probe

A sickle probe also goes by the name of dental explorer and if you are not used to it, you might find it unnerving at first. Even though it may seem unnerving, this tool is very helpful in locating periodontal gum disease and oral cavities. The probe is usually made in the form of a hook at one end and a handle at the other. The hook is what dentists use to scrape away plaque and tartar deposits on the surfaces of teeth. If you are a preventive dentist, this is a tool you cannot afford to practice without.


A scaler is much similar to a probe in its function. A dental probe is used to scrape away deposits from smaller areas while a scaler is used when a dentist wants to remove deposits from a larger area. A scaler is the equipment of choice where a patient needs scaling treatment to remove a buildup of plaque and periodontal diseases. Plaque needs to be removed because if it is left for a long period of time, it causes tooth decay.

Oral drill

The oral or dental drill is one of the tools that people dread because of the sound it makes when in action. This piece of equipment makes a signature when it is being used. however, even though a dental drill is dreadful, it is very necessary for solving many of the dental problems that people often have. Technological advancements have helped in cancelling the noise that this device makes so that it is quieter.

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