Common Misconceptions About Professional Dental Care


There are people who are afraid of going to the dentist simply because they have heard a lot of false information about it. Edgar Radjabli is a professional dentist and for sure, he would like to see everyone going to the dentist regularly, because it comes with a lot of benefits. 

If you are not a fan of dental clinic visits, it is time that you do it today. There are many misconceptions about professional dental care, and the following debunk a few of these:

  • It is expensive

What is expensive is if your tooth issue becomes worse. Not all dental care services are cheap, the price or the value of the service depends on the kind of service you need. A simple tooth extraction, cleaning, tooth filling, and other basic dental services are affordable and won’t break your bank account. 

Some may say that it is expensive because the dental services they need are more for cosmetic purposes. But needless to say, if the service is just basic, it is not as expensive as what you think it is. 

Some medicard services cover dental services, hence you do not need to pay any amount or if you have to, it will only be very minimal. 

  • It is painful

It might be painful before but not today. The advancement in technology made different dental procedures painless. The pain will happen if you failed to provide proper care for your teeth. Do not be afraid of dentists as horror stories from the past about pain, should remain in the past. 

  • It is not necessary as long as you are brushing your teeth every day

Some think that as long as they are doing the right dental care, like brushing teeth, flossing, and the like, visiting a dentist is not necessary anymore. It is not the case as there are a lot of things professional dental care can do that your regular brushing can’t. 

Also, some dental issues cannot be seen by the naked eye, even if there is pain already. A professional dental care service can guarantee you that problems will be solved right before major issues come. 

Why would you let graver things happen if there is a way you can fix issues sooner than when it is supposed to. 

  • Kids do not need it

Yes, kids’ teeth will fall off and will be replaced by permanent teeth, but this does not mean that proper dental care is not necessary for kids anymore. There are so many benefits why would you bring your children to a dentist at an early age. 

Kids need professional dental care services just like adults. There are some dentists who are specializing in pediatric dental care and considering them if you want to bring your child to a dentist is highly recommended. These dentists know how to provide the right care for kids, hence best if you consider them. Let your children know the importance of proper dental care early so they can make it as a practice until they grow older.  

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