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This website contains information by Edgar Radjabli, licensed dental surgeon.  Here you will find information on Edgar along with news and blogs about dentistry and the healthcare industry

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This website is created to provide information on Dr. Edgar Radjabli, dentist residing in Boca Raton, Florida. Also, if you are looking for information on healthcare or trends in the dental industry, check out the blog page for up to date industry information, or follow Edgar on social media to keep up to date with everything he has going on.


Edgar Radjabli

edgar radjabli

Dr. Edgar Radjabli

Boca Raton, Florida Dental Surgeon and Entrepreneur

Dr. Radjabli received a degree in Dental Surgery from The University of Maryland Dental School.  Dr. Radjabli specializes in dental implants, and had his own practice for many years, but is currently inactive due to an injury sustained in a car accident which he is currently still recovering from.


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Edgar keeps currently on all things to do with healthcare.  Learn more about current trends in the industry on the blog page or follow Dr. Radjabli on social media for cutting edge information in the field.

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If you are active in the dental community, feel free to connect with Dr. Radjabli, who spent many years as a dental surgeon.  Although currently inactive due to injury, Dr. Radjabli stays informed and knowledgeable in the industry and is open to network or discuss business opportunities in the dental field.


Dental Care For Kids

Do you need to seek help from a dentist? If so, make sure that the dentist you will go for is as good as Dr. Edgar

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Contact Dr. Radjabli to connect or network regarding healthcare and dentistry.  Edgar is always open to collaborating with colleagues or discussing new business opportunities.  Fill out the form on the contact page to reach him.


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